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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kos' Kudos For Kerry

Kos doesn't think there's much to make of a "junior senator not running for reelection" '[mangling] a sentence in a public appearance." Turning the matter over on Daily Kos, he concludes:
Kerry has nothing to apologize for. The people who have turned their backs on the troops do. And even though this ridiculousness will lead the evening news, fact is, we should embrace the opportunity to remind Americans how Republicans rally to the "troops" defense only when it suits their own cynical political ends.
I don't think he's talking about the people who made a hyper-deal out of Abu Ghraib and relished in the phoney flush-the-Koran story. I don't think he's talking about the people who call our soldiers murderers even before investigations have been initiated. I don't think he's talking about the people who rally against the troops for their own cynical political ends.

The comment section is the usual cesspool:
I hate these lying f***s. It's obvious to anyone, who's not retarded (no offense to the retarded), that he was talking about Bush.

I want to marry Kerry tonight. :) Think my hubby would accept me starting my own male harum (including Keith Olbermann, Russ Feingold, etc.?)

I'm glad Kerry didn't apologize. Democrats owe no apolgies for ANYTHING EVER!
Behind the brash Bush-bashing bravado, there's a deep fear among these commentors that the Dems' big lead won't be enough to hold them 'til election day. There's a lot of anger at Kerry -- not as much as there is at Bush, natch -- and a frustration that the media isn't killing the story quickly enough.

At last, we have a last week that will be interesting!

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