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Monday, October 30, 2006

It's The Ego, Stupid

How could we not want to shower money on Bill as the ex-prez turns 60? Isn't he our greatest living president?

Apparently not. Reports the Daily Mail:

When America's liberal elite were offered the chance to pay up to $500,000 each ... to attend Bill Clinton's 60th birthday extravaganza tonight - with the added promise of a private Rolling Stones concert - a packed house was expected.

Wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea sent out about 10,000 invitations to Hollywood tycoons, movie stars, captains of industry and Wall Street - with all proceeds to go to the former President's charitable foundation. ...

The minimum price, with inferior concert seats and no brunch, was set at $60,000 ... . But with many rich Democrats sending their regrets, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that last Wednesday the Clintons drastically slashed prices to $12,500 ... for one reception and the concert, or $5,000 ... for just the Stones.

With the looming possibility of Bill and his long-suffering wife and daughter finding themselves amid a sea of empty chairs at the 2,900-seat Manhattan venue, tickets then went on sale to the public for as little as $1,710 ....

If they could only throw in a night in the Lincoln Bedroom ....

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