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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lefty Wrap-Up On Saddam Sentence

Mahablog is home to a lot of paranoid rants, so I'll let her lead off with the obvious Lefty angle: Rove-anoia:

First off, anyone who can find a rightie blogger who questions the timing of Saddam Hussein’s sentencing — the Sunday before the midterm election — gets a prize.

I haven’t thought about what the prize is. Not much chance I’ll be giving one.

Second, I predict Karl Rove is in for a surprise. I don’t think most of the American public gives a shit about what happens to Saddam Hussein any more. I think most Americans are sick of being jerked around on Iraq by the Bushies. The verdict is not going to change minds that the war was a mistake.

The rightie-blogs know enough about the history of Iraq and the course of the trial to understand that there's no conncetion to Rove, and therefore, no, we won't post much on that rantorama.

I'm afraid her last paragraph may be right, but it shouldn't be, and hopefully the GOP will drive this point home today and tomorrow. The amazing thing is that there is today an Iraq in which this trial was held by Iraqis using Iraqi law as a guide. All that stands to the fact that the war has not been a mistake.

The Democratic Daily also misses the point, as is evident by its headline: BFD.

Daily Kos (authored by Georgia 10) for some profoundly inexplicable reason has decided to mark the news by attacking the fairness of the trial. The post quotes the traitor Ramsey Clark, who was thrown out of the trial for disgracing the Iraqi people, saying:
"To let there be worse than victors' justice and the revenge of all enemies at a time like this for Iraq is something history and humanity should not have to bear."
So this is just "victor's justice?" And all along I thought it was just plain old justice. Kos certainly stakes out the far fringe of the Dem party if he feels that defending Saddam is a sound political strategy.

Nonsense is routinely posted at Blondesense and today was no assumption:
I hope his death will be worth it for the thousands of people who have been killed or maimed since the US invaded and occupied Iraq. From what I'm reading this morning, violence is escalating in Iraq among sectarian groups. It sure took a long time to bring justice to Saddam. What was the hold up? This happened in 1982!
Equating the war dead with Saddam? Where did that come from? The war is not about Saddam; it's about terrorism and protecting ourselves and creating a new reality in the Arab world. And Blondenonsense better study up on her history. It took 25 years because Saddam was in power for 22 of those years, honey. Then it took a little time to get a government in place, and some more time to ensure the trial could be fair.

Over at the All Spin Zone, Bush Derangement Syndrome runs deep:
Here's what I'm thinking. The panel will secretly convene in a couple of days to hear the “appeal”, deny the appeal immediately, and we'll wake up to the news one morning that Saddam was hung overnight after his appeal was denied. Quick, dirty, done. Now that a guilty verdict has been returned, the Bush regime wants him dead without delay. After all, dead men don't talk.
Don't talk about what? That we sold him weapons to help him kill a bunch of Iranians in a sound bit of weapons diplomacy? That he did, did not or can't remember having weapons of mass destruction? That Rove timed the trial?

Who would believe anything this deranged, evil man says? Who would care what he says? Only someone just as deranged. And that derangement abounds in the Left, with its unique mental illness, Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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