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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On Election Day Olbermann Ties Our Fallen Heroes To Saddam

Need a reason to vote? Of course you don't. Since you're reading this blog, you're a voting sort. But I'll give you one anyway: Keith Olbermann.

Odorman (couldn't resist using it just once) chooses election day to take on Saddam, Iraq and Bush. That's the Dem modus operandi this election, since it is a referendum on the war. We see it played out in strange ways, like CA Gov candidate Phil Angelides' ads showing Bush and Schwarzenegger together ... as if the governorship of California has any ability to influence US foreign policy ... and even stranger, in Olbermann's election day column.

Here's his big line. (Caution: May cause gagging. Do not read with food.)
Saddam Hussein will get out of Iraq the same way 2,832 Americans have and thousands more [sic ... will?].

He’ll get out faster than we will.

If Kerry's "stuck in Iraq" line was offensive to our soldiers, remember, he was being offensive to living soldiers. Olbermann chooses to use our heroic soldiers who gave their lives to make his point, relating their deaths to the upcoming death of Hussein, all nothing more than merely a way to "get out of Iraq."

Is that the Dem view? You need to be stupid to go there; being dead is one way to get out?

Prior to reaching this nadir or political commentary, the appalling Mr. O. lays out a bunch of Big Iraq Questions he's supposedly asking the President, as if Bush has time for him with all his condescending "Sirs" and "Mr. Presidents," including:

Is the conviction of Saddam Hussein the reason you went to war in Iraq? Or did you go to war in Iraq because of the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist?
Good God. The NYT itself, a higher authority than God in many Dems' minds, verifies the authenticity of what's posted on the Operation Iraqi Freedom Document Portal and still the "no WMD" psuedo-issue?
Or did you go to war in Iraq to break the bonds of tyranny there, while installing the mechanisms of tyranny here?
Wake up from your nightmare, Keith! It's just a dream! Bush is stepping down in January 2009 and up until that day, you'll be every bit as free to rant and rave as you ever were. Just don't start taking calls from terrorists in Pakistan, OK? They may be data-mined. And don't suddenly become a foreign-born jihadist throat-slitter who suddenly hears of habeas corpus for the first time in his life and wants some of that good stuff for himself.
Or did you go to war in Iraq to keep gas prices down?
Interesting forgetfulness here. Gas prices went up, way up, over the course of war. Here's a source you trust, CNN, on what was happening with gas prices in 2003, i.e., as Bush's re-election campaign was beginning:

According to a survey released Sunday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline nationwide has gone up more than 11 cents during the past two weeks.

Americans paid an average of $1.60 per gallon of self-serve regular, the Lundberg Survey said. Publisher Trilby Lundberg said that is the highest price at the pump since June 2001.

In March of this year, prices were at $2.36, or up 76 cents a gallon, again from CNN. No, Keith, I gotta say, if this is the best a Great Dem Mind can do, maybe you should just pour the pricey gas over yourself and light up. It's that hopeless for you.

Now for the final shocker. Readers of this Countdown column gave it four stars out of five. People who are going to the polls today to vote a party-line Dem ticket love this stuff. They'd make Olbermann their Minister of Education if they take the White House in '08.

They need a sharp slap across the face to make them realize they're living in an alternate reality. Give them one. Vote.

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