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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Iraq Leaders Diss ISG

The Iraq Study Group, which Mark Steyn ridicules today as the "Iraq Surrender Grandpas" and the Illustrious Seniors' Group, isn't much loved by Iraqi leaders. Here's what they're saying, according to AP:

Iraq President Jalal Talabani denounced the report on Sunday, saying it offered dangerous recommendations that would undermine his country's sovereignty and were "an insult to the people of Iraq."

The Kurdish leader was the most senior government official to take a stand against the Iraq Study Group report, which has also come under criticism from leaders of the governing Shiite and Kurdish parties.

He said the report "is not fair, is not just, and it contains some very dangerous articles which undermine the sovereignty of Iraq and the constitution."

He singled out the report's call for the approval of a de-Baathification law that could allow thousands of officials from Saddam Hussein's ousted Baath party to return to their jobs.

Talabani said the Iraqi government planned to send a letter to Bush "expressing our views about the main issues" in the report. He would not elaborate.

Personally, I don't think a little insulting would hurt the people of Iraq much at all. They need to get on board with Democracy and confront the milita. But I'm with Talibani here -- the ISG recommendations, taken as a whole, are not the blueprint we need for victory.

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