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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fleeing His Legacy, A Confused Kofi Kisses Us Off

I'm late to this party -- Kofi's already been well bashed for his speech at the Truman Library yesterday -- so I'll try to be brief. (But there's a lot roiling inside ...)

Kofi picked his location, of course, because Truman championed in UN. What apparently angers Kofi more than Iraq is John Bolton, and the Bush admin's refusal to let an out of control, corrupt, misguided organization guide us. That was what was seething behind this quote:
"The U.S. has given the world an example of a democracy in which everyone, including the most powerful, is subject to legal restraint. Its current moment of world supremacy gives it a priceless opportunity to entrench the same principles at the global level."
I thought that was exactly what we are trying to do on the West River, but Kofi, the most powerful one there, apparently wasn't listening. It's also what we're trying to do in Iraq, but who's listening?

Kofi might want to remember as he says stuff like this ...
"Today the actions of one state can often have a decisive effect on the lives of people in other states. So does it not owe some account to those other states and their citizens, as well as to its own? I believe it does."
... that the man who's library he spoke at wasn't afraid to take decisive action in defense of Democracy without the blessing of other states that impacted the lives of people. Nagasaki. Hiroshima.

Truman wasn't afraid to fight to protect Democracy. Neither is Bush.

Bush admits his weakenesses and says Iraq is not going as well as he'd hoped. He's seeking new strategies, but he's not losing his will to protect us.

Kofi on the other hand, has completely dodged in his goodbye speeches the corruption and ineptness that is his legacy at the UN. In office, he let scandal rule and was not willing to apply radical solutions and the UN is worse for it.

Of course, all this is just a prelude. He's still constrained by his position, but come Jan. 1, when the speaker fees start coming, watch out! He's going to get nastier and more defensive.

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