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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dems Busy Booklearnin' Faith

When faith doesn't come naturally to you but you need it to win votes, what do you do? Hire a faith advisor, of course!

George Bush, Sam Brownback, Rick Santorum and other truly religious politicians don't need such people, but over in Demville, they're a hot commodity:
  • Hillary Clinton will hire Burns Strider, a former NanPo aide and one of the Dems' top advisors on winning the Christian vote

  • Partial birth abortion backer Barack Hussein Obama has given Josh Dubois, one of his aides, specific responsibilities for religious outreach.

  • John Kerry has named Shaun Casey, an associate professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary, as his religion guru.

  • Mara Vanderslice and Eric Sapp have founded Common Good Strategies, which specializes in religious outreach for Dem candidates, had contracts this year in Pennsylvania (where 59% 0f Catholics voted against Santorum, Ohio, Michigan, and Kansas.
You can read more about the particulars in Alexander Bolton's article in The Hill.

The Dems, Bolton points out, did much better in their quest for the religious vote in 2006 than in 2000 or 2004, which shouldn't come as a surprise, because they weren't questing in those elections. But it does come as a major disappointment.

Can you really convince an evangelical that Obama's OK if he's for crushing baby skulls, or that Hillary will have religious morality as a factor in her decision-making, or that John Kerry will ever think he's on a level lower than God?

Apparently the did with some success in some areas in '06. Bring on the GOP consultants specializing in how to counter the Dem's newfound, if paper-thin, religion.

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