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Friday, October 20, 2006

Reid/Foley Index: MSM Bias Way Left

Today's reading: 198*
Yesterday's reading: 110 Left

Only the LA Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, ABC and National Journal mentioned Harry Ried's financial scandal yesterday, but the media was rockin' with 992 mentions of Foley.

But remember, the media is not biased.

Some have said the media is biased towards sex (true enough), so my index is a false measure. Fair enough. Therefore, the Reid/Weldon Media Bias Index: 28 Left. 114 Weldon stories, 5 Reid stories. (Thanks, Joe, for pointing out the "Foley/Weldon" error, which I have corrected.)

* How the Index works: Perfect MSM balance yields an index of 0, as stories of Senate Minory Leader Harry Reid's financial scandals balance stories of Mark Foley's homosexual lust scandals. Less coverage of Reid/more coverage of Foley yields a "left" score, indicating leftist bias, with the number preceding "left" indicating the number of times greater Foley's coverage is. Greater Reid/lesser Foley coverage yields a "right" score with a similar multiplier.

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