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Friday, October 20, 2006

Redefining Torture

Stanley Kubrick did a pretty good job of relaying a realistic image of torture in A Clockwork Orange (above), but the attorney for two Hamas fund-raisers fell a wee bit short:

A soft-spoken Chicago-area grocer was forced to strip and wear a foul-smelling hood, deprived of sleep, and threatened with death by Israeli agents before he finally broke down and confessed to financing terrorist activity, his attorney told a federal jury yesterday.

"You don't have to accept a case based on torture," defense attorney Michael Deutsch told jurors at the opening of the racketeering trial of grocer Muhammad Salah and university professor Abdelhaleem Ashqar. (NY Sun)

It seems like every high school kid in America is wearing a foul-smelling hood nowdays, and sleep deprivation and "names will never hurt me" as opposed to "sticks and stones" hardly defines torture in most people's eyes.

These lawyers are the same people who force bans of tag on playgrounds because bigger kids might dominate over smaller ones and someone might get a bruise. They're the same ones that redefine "hate speech" to mean holding a religious belief that homosexuality is a sin.

That's bad enough as it is an attempt to tear down our social fabric, but by trying to redefine torture, they are putting our very lives at risk.

Turning to the reporter who scribed this piece, what does it matter that Salah is soft-spoken? He was carrying a big stick -- funding Hamas terror attacks. Does it make a difference whether the suicide bomber shouts or whispers Allah ak-bar before detonating? Terror is terror, and terror-funders are terror-funders.

One interesting sidebar to this trial: Jailed Plame Game journalist Judith Miller is scheduled to testify that she saw Sallah in custody and witnessed no torture going on.

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