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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

China's Crumbling Civilization?

MTV brought America greatness. We are now the world's greatest booty-shakin', bed-hoppin', pimpin,' "whatever" nation the world has ever seen.

Our only salvation may be that we're pimpin' all those other nations as well -- including, as of yesterday, China, where Viacom just signed a deal with China's largest internet portal to provide 15,000 hours of MTV and Nickelodeon programming.

Baidu, China's Google, is the fourth most trafficked site in the world according to NYT, with a quarter-billion page views a day and 123 million viewers. Most of the content will be Asian to avoid copyright problems with US artists -- and a bunch of it will be from Taiwan, which should be interesting.

NYT says Chinese internet users favor entertainment over news, so if we can't weaken the Commies with news of human rights, freedom and free markets, let's get them with moral decline, eh?

Actually, the news saddens me greatly. Winning by creating a larger, smellier hog wallow is not winning. I'd rather have them see Law and Order to learn about a justice system, or Seventh Heaven to learn about American family values (sappy, sure).

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