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Monday, October 16, 2006

Never Trust A Terrorist

One of the world's longest-running terror campaigns, that of the Tamil Tigers against the government of Sri Lanka, was supposed to be over with a Tiger promise of peace. And what's a terrorist promise worth? The Times of London lets us know:
SRI LANKA suffered its worst suicide bomb attack yesterday when suspected Tamil Tiger rebels rammed a lorry filled with explosives into a naval convoy, killing at least 100 sailors and injuring 150.

The attack cast a grim shadow over a week of international diplomatic efforts to persuade the Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to abide by a 2002 ceasefire that has been unravelling since June.

With just 12 days until planned peace talks in Geneva, the attack raised fears of a return to full-scale hostilities in the conflict that has racked the Indian Ocean island for more than two decades.

Tens of thousands have died since the Tamil Tigers started their terror war in 1983. A cease-fire was agreed to in 2002, but as the Times reports, it wasn't much of a cease-fire -- 2,000 have died so far this year.

Diplomats are scrambling to salvage something out of this mess. God bless 'em; their dedication in the face of the terrorist approach to peace -- reacting to anything a micron wayward of their way with a bomb -- could be a definition of hopeless optimism.

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