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Sunday, October 15, 2006

NoKo: The Asian Arians

The perfect race, so perfect that any less-than-perfect elements like a child with birth defects must be immediately eliminated.

Sound familiar? Yes, it's Hitler's Germany revisited by "Li'l Kim" Jong-Il, as reported in today's London Times:
THE North Korean regime’s obsession with racial purity has led to the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions for women suspected of conceiving their babies by Chinese fathers, according to a growing body of testimony from defectors.

The latest description of Kim Jong-il’s policy of state eugenics came from a North Korean doctor, Ri Kwang-chol, who escaped last year and told a forum in Seoul that babies with deformities were killed soon after birth.

“There are no people with physical defects in North Korea,” Ri said. Such babies were put to death by medical staff and buried quickly, he claimed. He denied ever committing the act himself.

Exiles in Seoul said Ri was now keeping a low profile, fearing retaliation by North Korean agents, who have assassinated foes in the South Korean capital before. But his account added to the evidence that the Kim family dictatorship is founded on mystical notions of Korean racial superiority rather than Marxism — a reality that explains its deepening estrangement from China.

The story also recounts the tale of a woman named Hon who became pregnant by a Chinese man:

“I defied the order to abort the foetus the prison authorities contemptuously called a ‘Chinese Chink’ and was badly beaten and kicked in my belly by a guard. His name was Hwang Myong-dong,” she said.

One week later, said Han, she was led to a prison clinic “where in a most blunt manner they extracted the dead child from my body”.

Women who have Chinese babies are "betrayers" to the ethnically pure NoKo sect, which leads to incidents like this:

At the Nongpo centre in Chongjin, witnesses saw the “children of betrayers” tossed into a wicker basket, covered in plastic sheeting and left to die. One woman watched the killing of seven babies, taken from their mothers and left face-down on the ground within their view.

After two days the guards smothered any that were still alive. “Guards would say the mothers had to see and hear their babies die because they were Chinese,” the report said.

Of course, this brutality against innocent babies is also directed at adults, as torture is common. Where are the activists who are so focused on Guantanamo when NoKo really tortures people -- not because they are trying to kill us, but simply because they are desperately trying to be free?

A new study by three researchers at Seoul’s Korean Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims surveyed the experience of 30 defectors among the 7,400 people who have since found refuge in the south.

All had been subjected to torture, both physical and psychological, at the hands of Kim’s military security agency. Again, one torture centre was identified at Sinuju. More than half were punished merely for having Chinese currency and more than half said they experienced sexual violence.

They reported beatings, electrocution, submersion in water and the “doghouse torture” in which the victim is contorted into an unnatural and agonising posture.

All this is possible because of the Juche, or self-reliance, cult in NoKo. Juche diefies Kim Jong-Il and makes Chosun, Korea, the centerpiece of civilization. Reporters who have been to NoKo say that it works; there is incredibly deep allegiance to the Beloved Leader -- because there is incredibly deep ignorance of anything outside NoKo.

If anyone cares, the nuclear crisis would be a door into addressing the human rights crisis in NoKo. But China, which has veto authority at the UN, won't even let UN human rights workers visit its border with NoKo, so expect nothing but more suffering at the hands of Li'l Kim and the apparently endless supply of Juche-bots he has under his dominion.

Think of this as you recall that Lefties criticized Bush for calling NoKo part of the axis of evil, and wanted us to believe that calling the bully evil is what led NoKo to produce the bomb. No, evil is what made NoKo produce the bomb.

The UN sanction does nothing to forbid China's current practice of returning fleeing North Koreans to NoKo, where they face torture like this.

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