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Friday, October 13, 2006

Photo Tour Of Beloved Leader's Kingdom

Koutch of Military, has posted a dreary and frightening photo arcade from a recent trip to NoKo taken by Artemii Lebedev, a Russian web designer. Here's the caption for the photo above:
The only house where a foreigner will be ever allowed on his visit. It's a model-house of a model-farmworker of a model-collective farm. There is even something that looks like a computer made of components that are not even plugged together. Internet does not exist, only intranet is avalaible.
It's tough to get a look at this country when visitors are surrounded by "guides" who discourage photographing anything but the approved, staged shot. Lebedev shows us a few secreted photos, but there is so much in Jung-land that remains hidden -- they won't let us photograph the gulags, and how do you photograph repression?

hat-tip: Incredible Daughter #1
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