Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gavin's New Baby

SF mayor Gavin Newsom's got a new baby. That's her ... the somewhat provocatively named Brittanie Mountz. They started dating when she was 19. She just turned 20, the dear thing.

Oh, Gavin just had a birthday too -- he just turned 39.

Of course there's nothing illegal about a near-40 year old man dating a just-20 year old woman -- except that she's been seen drinking alcohol in his presence -- but were it anywhere but San Francisco, it would be scandalous.

It's scandalous enough to rankle me. It's clearly an older man manipulating a much younger woman for sex, and it's the sort of thing that should have feminists screeching. But just as Clinton was forgiven his horrific treatment of women because he was a charming Dem, Newsom's getting the same pass. Ah, the hypocricy of the Left!

By the way, it's a good thing it's not heating up too much because here's Gavin's response to a simple question about Mountz' drinking at a recent event:
"I've got to deal with all kinds of terrible calls from reporters doing horrible things that are mean-spirited." (source)
Maybe the thinness of his skin helps explain his need for a compliant young girlfriend.

Photo: SFist