Cheat-Seeking Missles

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Media Indices: Waaaay Left

Hanauer/Foley Index: Left 2
Reid/Foley Index: Left 50+

This morning there were 566 Nexis hits on Larry Hanauer and 954 on Mark Foley, reflecting not just the fact that hearings are being held on the Foley matter, but also that Congress and the media are working hard to keep the story alive through the election.

Meanwhile, they've all but forgotten the ethical failures of the man who would be Senate Majority Leader if they get their way. The pathetic 21 hits on Harry Reid included many on other topics than the scandal, hence the 50+ ranking; it's actually much higher.

The Foley scandal unfolded fast and resulted in hearings in no time. Meanwhile, the GOP drags and shuffles. No hearings called on Reid yet. And if we get through tomorrow without an announcement that hearings will be coming soon on Hanauer, Harmon and the leaking of the NIE, then Speaker Hastert really should be on his way out of the door.

Letting this opportunity go by is a political sin of greater significance than the moral sins involved in the Foley affair.

* How the Index works: Perfect MSM balance yields an index of 0, as stories of alleged NIE report leaker Larry Hanauer balance stories of Mark Foley's homosexual lust scandals. Less coverage of Hanauer/more coverage of Foley yields a "left" score, indicating leftist bias, with the number preceding "left" indicating the number of times greater Foley's coverage is. Greater Hanauer/lesser Foley coverage yields a "right" score with a similar multiplier.

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