Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Bias-Fest At The LA Times

The pilot of our Southwest flight from OC to Phoenix today had everyone sit down and belt up, and suspended drink service because rough weather was ahead ... but the plane barely bounced.

Could this foretell what will happen to the GOP in November? A lot of doomsaying but a pretty good election?

It just might happen, if you use the LATimes as your doomsaying source. I had the opportunity (I can't say pleasure) to read today's edition on the flight out, thanks to a seatmate who contributed 50 cents of his own money to that sinking enterprise.

What can I say? The paper appeared to be just a wee tad biased. Since I'm supposed to be seeking out cheats on this blog, here's a list of the political stories run today in LAT's effort to cheat the election.

Front page:
Inside A section:
  • Immigration's front line -- In which one Arizona Congressional race takes center stage. The GOP candidate's position is "quite unrealistic" while the Dem's position is "sensible." The difference? The GOP guy opposes guests workers.
And that's just the A section. The B section added a couple more. Sports, Food and Entertainment probably chimed in, but I didn't read them.

If there had been a GOP-leaning story, I would have told you, but there wasn't. Nary a one.

Yes, LA is a Dem county, but there are a few GOP folks there, as there are in OC, SD and the Inland Empire. No news for them. Which is why my 50 cents is still in my pocket!

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