Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, October 23, 2006

MSM Bias Indices: All Left

Over the last few days, emerging news and efforts to improve the meaningfulness of the index have led to multiple Cheat-Seeking Missiles MSM Bias Indices. So, without further adieu:

The oldie:
The Reid/Foley Index: Left 33

Foley stays strong as the scandal both grows and gets investigated. Reid is getting the kid glove treatment by MSM. They're staying away in droves ... and where, oh where, is a GOP call for hearings? Nexis revealed 991 Foley stories and 30 Reid stories.

The adjustment:
The Reid/Weldon Index: Left 3.5

Both financial scandals; one centered on a Republican middleweight, the other on a Dem heavyweight. Guess who the media's paying attention to? Nexis revealed 115 Weldon stories to those 30 Reid stories.

The big one:
The Hanauer/Foley Index: Left .5

Larry Hanauer and the story of the leaked NIE report is the clear winner in scandals having true import on our national security. As a scandal, it's head and shoulders above any greedy real estate deals or tawdry page-panderings. Yet MSM, faithful to its liberal core, gives the aging Foley story 50% more coverage than the emerging Hanauer story -- 641 for Hanauer, 991 for Foley.

Can we call a hearing on this one, too? Sometime soon? Maybe get some news out before November 6? Is anyone awake in the GOP leadership? I swear ... sometimes the GOP reminds me of Reagan in a cabinet meeting. (Just kidding!)

* How the Index works: Perfect MSM balance yields an index of 0; in the Reid/Foley index for example, stories of Senate Minory Leader Harry Reid's financial scandals would balance stories of Mark Foley's homosexual lust scandals. Less coverage of Reid/more coverage of Foley yields a "left" score, indicating leftist bias, with the number preceding "left" indicating the number of times greater Foley's coverage is. Greater Reid/lesser Foley coverage yields a "right" score with a similar multiplier. It's the same with the other indices.

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