Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, October 23, 2006

Significent, Essential & Momentous

I was greeted by quite an Outlook in-box this a.m.:
  • Significant letter. You must read.
  • Essential letter. You must read.
  • Very important message. You require to read.
  • Momentous letter. You must read.
  • Significant letter. You require to read.
  • Very important letter. You must to read.
  • Grand note. You have to read.
  • Serious letter. You need to read.
They are all hyping an investment of some sort ... now who would ever, ever invest in something so spam-hyped as this? The fact that spam even exists after all these years of ticking us off and over-flowing our in-boxes must be evidence that either (1) crooks are dumb, (2) people are dumb, or (3) both.

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