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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'm Sorry. No, I'm Not, I'm Not, I'm NOT!

Li'l Kim Jong Il has thought about it and he's not sorry he tested a nuke after all. Liu Jianchao, who's not really identified in the AP story but apparently is an aparatchik of China's State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan is the source of this news:

Despite the apparently conciliatory tone of the meeting, Liu said that Kim did not apologize for his regime's nuclear test, as some South Korean media had reported.

"These reports are certainly not accurate," Liu said. "We haven't heard any information that Kim Jong Il apologized for the test."

The earlier report was published in the mass-circulation South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo cited a diplomatic source in China.

But anyway, now he's not sorry ... even as the nuke test has lead to even more suffering of his already downtrodden people.
The reluctance of donors to provide aid to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) following its reported nuclear test is causing rising hunger in the country and exacerbating the suffering of groups already facing a grim human rights situation, a United Nations independent expert warned today.

Food aid to the DPRK has already been cut drastically this year, leaving close to 2 million of the country’s most needy people without adequate calories, warned Special Rapporteur Vitit Muntarbhorn ...

In a report submitted to the General Assembly last week, he noted that the UN World Food Programme would be attempting to distribute aid to 1.9 million of the most needy North Koreans but that this year the amount available had been slashed to 75,000 tons of food, down from 500,000 tons per year previously.

“There are major concerns in regard to the rights to food and life, the rights to security of the person and humane treatment, the rights to freedom of movement, asylum and refugee protection, and various political rights such as self-determination, freedom of expression, association and religion,” Mr. Muntarbhorn wrote in his report. (UN news release)

No surprise there.

In fact, there's no surprise in any of this. Li'l Kim's beggardly, bruttally repressive ... er, Socialist ... state has used lying as a pillar of its foreign policy for years. It's the give a little hope, crush a little hope school of international relations.

Li'l Kim likes to see himself as a puppetmaster on the world stage, and these tricks give him the opportunity to get his world leader jollies. Of course, we see him not as a puppetmaster, but as a criminally insane despot who's willing to be responsible for the deaths of millions of those he rules so he's got a better strut on the world stage.

This kind of insanity should have died out long before the 21st Century. That it hasn't just is more proof of the doctrine of original sin.

Photo courtesy of Moonbattery
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