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Thursday, October 05, 2006

After Plea, Terrorists Free With No Bail

An outrage!

I re-read this several times, hoping it didn't say what it does; but it does:

On Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Tacoma, [Lacey] Phillabaum [right] and [Jennifer] Kolar pled guilty to participating in the [2001 University of Washington] arson and other crimes. They pledged their cooperation in a continuing federal investigation into a series of other arsons and attacks on property by Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) across the West.

Under the terms of separate plea agreements, prosecutors will recommend that Kolar, 33, of Seattle, receive a federal prison sentence of five-to-seven years, and a three-to-five-year term for Phillabaum, 31, of Spokane. The two were released without bail following their pleas.

They may be cute hippie-chick young women, but they are terrorists. The FBI has named ELF and ALF the most dangerous domestic terror group, and these two are a part of it -- they worked out of a clean room where incindiary bombs were produced, and helped destroy a $7 million building -- an act that easily could have resulted in deaths. I know. A Weather Underground idiot killed a close relative of mine when he blew up a University of Wisconsin research lab during the Vietnam war.

What are these two doing out of prison, without bail? Why weren't the escorted from the courtroom to a waiting federal facility? Unbelievable!

The target of their attack was the UW Center for Urban Horticulture. Why was it a target in their war? Because genetically modified poplar trees were produced there. In a news release five days after the attack, ELF said the poplars pose an "ecological nightmare" for the diversity of forests.

None of the poplars were damaged in the attack, but some endangered plants were destroyed, as was significant research data into wetlands restoration. Nicely done, enviro-bozos.

Ironically, it appears that Phillabaum was mentored under the Society of Environmental Journalists mentoring program. Maybe that will help you better understand the heart and soul of environmental journalism.

Another interesting story crossed my desk (monitor?) today that's related. By Peter Glover at TCS, it questions the moral equilibrium of greenies who burn hydrocarbons by the ton and produce massive volumes of greenhouse gases by jetting around the world to hype their cause.
He concludes the article,

In 'Green Bigots International', Thomas Sowell ... has written:

"They call themselves environmentalists but a more accurate term would be green bigots. What makes someone a bigot is that he wishes to deny other people the same rights he has. That is the hallmark of the environmental bigot. Green bigots operate internationally, just like the more famous fanatics"

In a similar vein, Sowell notes, "Like others who seek special privileges, the green bigots claim to be speaking for others - 'future generations', for example." But Sowell gets to the crux of the matter when he observes, "Nature worship is fine for those who want it. I have nothing against faith-based organizations. But a theocracy imposing its will on others is something else, even when it is a theocracy of nature-worshippers."

Now here I must declare an 'faith' interest. I am a writer who happens to be a committed Christian. While my belief system is, I would argue, rooted in fact and historical events, ultimately, I frankly acknowledge, it is, like all worldviews, a belief system held by faith. Though I am always very happy to talk about faith and articulate a well-reasoned case for my own, I eschew seeking to impose my moral code on others. It appears some leading Green activists have no such compunction.

Not just the jet-setting activists. Phillabaum, Kolar and their three co-conspirators, one of whom remains at large, want to deprive us of toilet paper and letterhead because they hold their reverence for old-growth forests above our belief system, which accepts preserving the best of those forests by creating highly productive pulp-producing trees in timber operations elsewhere.

Yet I'm sure they and their Greenie buddies frequently include "Bush" and "theocrat" in the same sentence.

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