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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vile Monkey See, Evil Monkey Do

Charles Roberts, the Amish schoolgirl killer, got psychic permission to carry out his vile deed from Duane Morrison, the Riley, Colorado schoolgirl killer.

Today, police reported:

[Roberts] also had two tubes of sexual lubricant and a set of boards, wire, tape and bolts that could have used to tie up and torment the girls, Commissioner Jeffrey Miller of the Pennsylvania state police told a news conference.

Although there was no evidence of sexual assault, "it's very possible that ... he intended to victimize these children in many ways prior to killing them and killing himself," Miller said. (Reuters)

Fortunately, a rapid police response appears to have spared the girls that pain and degradation. As for motive -- if that's a word that can be applied to a crime this evil -- Reuters reports:

Roberts told his wife in a suicide note he had been dreaming about repeating his purported molestation of two younger female relatives 20 years ago -- events that police have not been able to confirm took place.

Roberts, stewing, brooding, repressing his violence, sexual hunger and anger deep inside him, surely saw reports of Morrison acting out his violent fantasies, and it opened the door for him to step out of his own personal hell and into eternal Hell.

And again, as this investigation continues, you can bet police will find pornography -- this time child pornography -- somewhere in Roberts' life. As I wrote earlier,
We have more urgent issues to deal with, but as long as it is available, it will contribute to the crimes the Duane Morrisons carry out in previously peaceful towns like Bailey.
... and Nickel Mines.

Photo: Reuters
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