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Monday, October 02, 2006

MSM Scorned: Patterico's Gitmo Interview

Patterico is starting a five-part interview with an annonymous Army Major ("Stashiu") who counseled terrorists held at Gitmo.

The Major agreed to talk to Patterico because he's a frequent Pontifications reader and trusts blogs -- but not MSM. How's that for a turn-around on the old bloggers in pajamas claim?

Today's post is an introduction, but it starts chillingly. I won't tip it off; just go read it. To come:

Part Two: Stashiu arrives at GTMO, and tells us what the terrorists are like.

Part Three: Hunger strikes, suicides and suicide attempts, and mental illness.

Part Four: Treatment of the detainees

Part Five: Stashiu reacts to Big Media pieces about GTMO.

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