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Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome To The Onslaught

A Nexis search for the words "mark foley" generated 986 hits in today's media -- and that's before all the stories get loaded.

Not to diminish Foley's crime or the shameful complicity of GOP leadership -- and some Dems, too -- who did not report it, but do you think there would be 986 hits if it had been Barney Frank and a Dem problem instead of Mark Foley and a GOP problem?

Not a chance, especially the "who knew what when?" stories challenging the GOP a month before the election.

If you think I'm exaggerating (or "over-exaggerating" as my incredible daughters typically say), just compare Foley coverage to coverage of Keith Ellison, soon to be the first Nation of Islam representative in Congress. The Weekly Standard has blown Ellison's cover, clearly establishing him to support Nation of Islam's anti-Semetic agenda, but we won't see 986 hits on that story!

In fact, you'll see two. Both about Muslim cabbies refusing to carry booze.

hat-tip (on Ellison): Real Clear Politics
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