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Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Part Of Property Rights Don't They Get?

HR 4772, the Private Property Rights Implementation Act of 2006, has passed the house.

It proposed a pretty straightforward proposition: If a regulatory action is alleged to depreciate real property value, the harmed party can seek damages at the district court level even without seeking redress at the state level. It also requires that when a federal agency limits the use of private property, it must give notice to property owners explaining their rights to pursue compensation, and how to go about pursuing those rights.

Self-evident, basic Constitutional stuff, eh? Well ... nothing is self-evident in Washington. Here's the vote:

That's what 88% of Republican supporting and 81% of Democrats opposing looks like.

One more example of Dems electeds being out of synch with the thinking of the Americans who elected them.

hat-tip for summary and graphic:
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