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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NYT: Ragging The Right

"The New York Times leans Left" is about as provocative a statement as "the sky is blue." But now you'll know it every time the paper admits it's opining in its columns:
As of Sept. 20—this morning ... -- The Times has instituted a sweeping but subtle redesign, to emphasize the difference between objective and subjective journalism. Straight news will remain, well, straight: laid out in justified columns, with even margins on the left and right. Stories that have been colored by analysis, commentary or authorial whimsy will all receive the layout previously reserved for columns: a straight left margin and a ragged right one. (NY Observer)
Amazing sublety, eh? All their news is justified, all their opinion is anchored on the left. I'm willing to accept the latter, but not the former. And I'm betting I'll see a whole lot of justified column inches that should be flush left.

In fact, if you squint, you can see that there's absolutely no opinion on the front page of today's edition. Go figger.

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