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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Gospel Vs. Qu'ran Edition

How did the Christians conquer the Roman Empire, after 300 years of persecution? By living the Gospel, preaching the Word and dying for the faith -- martyrdom. But Islam came out of the desert to conquer the Holy Land, North Africa and Spain in a single century, by the sword. Islam is a fighting faith. Wrote J.M. Roberts in "The History of Europe," "Islam from the start has been a religion of conquest."
-- Patrick Buchanan, writing in Town Hall

Imams prostelyze in America and in Europe, calling for converts in the name of Allah and the "Religion of Peace," while in the Muslim world such actions by Christian pastors would surely result in death. Islam's defense of Islam in the face of its core-deep hypocrisy is serving to help the world better understand the Islamist threat.

Buchanan summarizes the multiple attacks on Europe Islam has carried out over the centuries -- crusades, if you will, of Islam against Christianity. Every time, Islam was defeated. But those attacks were against a Christian Europe. Today, it attacks a secular West from within, and liberal, secular democracy is not yet up to the fight.

But things change. Could it be that the upcoming collapse of the French Socialist newspaper Liberation is a sign that Europeans are beginning to give up their silliness and focus on the war at their door?

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