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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something Worth Rioting About

As Muslims around the world prove themselves fools for violently rioting because they were called violent, the citizens of Hungary are rioting over something that really matters:
Protesters clashed with police and stormed state television headquarters early today, responding with violence to a leaked recording that caught Hungary's prime minister admitting that the government "lied morning, evening and night" to win April elections.

Rescue services said that at least 50 people were injured as police fired tear gas and water cannons at rock-throwing protesters who have demanded that Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's government resign. He said he had no plans to do so. ...

The rioters appeared to control some areas on the ground floor of the block-square television building. Authorities said they were ordering several thousand police reinforcements to the capital.

The tape was made at a closed-door meeting in late May, weeks after Gyurcsany's government became the first in post-communist Hungary to win reelection. It seemed to confirm the center-right opposition's accusations — that Hungary's budget was near collapse and that Gyurcsany and his ministers were concealing the truth to secure victory. (LA Times)
Meanwhile, reports Reuters:
Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany defied opposition pressure to quit on Tuesday after anti-government riots he called "the longest and darkest night of the republic" left 150 people injured.
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