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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Biased On Abortion? ME?!

In an article on John Kerry's new -- and meaningless -- outreach to close the divide over the abortion issue, the Boston Globe reports:
In an intimate speech laced with references to his Catholic upbringing, Kerry chastised abortion-rights supporters and anti-abortion activists for the "overly partisan" tone that has polarized the nation.
Things could get less partisan if major metropolitan dailies stopped referring to pro-abortion people as "supporters" and anti-abortion people as "activists," don't you think? My dictionary defines "supporter" as "one who promotes and advocates," but an "activist" is "one who takes militant action" in support of a cause.

But we're not biased here in our ivory tower, nosiree.

The gist of Kerry's proposal? Well, James Taranto said it pretty well (as usual):

So here's Kerry's idea of "common ground":

Abortion opponents agree to accept that any woman who wants to abort her baby has an absolute right to do so (per Roe v. Wade), at taxpayer expense ("health insurance for everyone").

In exchange, Kerry and his fellow abortion enthusiasts have to say that they devoutly hope that the various big-government social programs, which they would support anyway, will reduce the number of abortions.

Sounds like Kerry gets the better end of this deal.

... and the hapless embryo doesn't.

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