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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why Political Polling Is Useless

The issues and people don't really matter. Just guess who's paying for this poll.

Bates has been bought by the unions. Agree/disagree?
Cathryn DeYoung is buying the election with her money, but DeYoung has done great things and can’t be bought. Agree/disagree?

Bates is endorsed by all the insiders. Agree/disagree?
Cassie isn’t part of the insider crowd. Agree/disagree?

If there was ever a profession that knows no ethics, it is political polling. What makes DeYoung think she can use data that was gathered in such a biased manner? Could it be she's not as above reproach as the questions would want us to believe?

And that's an odd phrase, "questions would want us to believe." Questions are supposed to be used to gather information, not disseminate it.

Hat-tip: OCBlog
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