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Friday, August 04, 2006

Glacial Movement In Zimbabwe

How can there be global warming when the UN moves so glacially all over the world?

Last year, Pres. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe bulldozed the homes of thousands of people, forcing them to relocate out of major cities, where they posed a threat to his totalitarian regime. The UN sent in investigators, time passed, they issued a report.

We pick up the story today:
Question: There was a demonstration yesterday in South Africa –- several hundred Zimbabweans in front of the UN office in Pretoria –- asking the UN to take action on the report the Secretary-General commissioned about the housing demolitions operation, quote, “Clean Up the Trash in Zimbabwe”. So, I guess my question is ... What is the Secretary-General’s…what does he intend to do about that report, if anything?

Associate Spokesman
: Well, the Secretary-General, as you know, presented that report to the Security Council, and his Envoy, Anna Tibaijuka, presented that report to the Council last year. And, it is up to the Security Council to determine how to follow-up on the findings by that report. As you know, it was a very strict and severe look, which also included its own recommendations for what needs to be done. We have also been considering our own efforts on the ground there, but, for the time being, Zimbabwe has agreed to have a different envoy -- the former President of Tanzania, Benjamin Mkapa -- and for the time being, in terms of our efforts, what we’re trying to do is let President Mkapa go about, in terms of the necessary follow-up with the Government of Zimbabwe, and we’ll support, as needed, if we’re asked to do so in the future.

: I think that’s exactly what they’re asking, they were asking for the UN to do something. Now, Mr. Mkapa, there’s a perception that he’s…

Associate Spokesman
: But, for the time being, what we want to avoid is a duplication of efforts and a confusing overlap, so, for the time being, the agreement is that President Mkapa will proceed with his own efforts to mediate the situation in Zimbabwe and, of course, we are always prepared to step in afterwards depending on the results of his own efforts.
So the fox is in charge of the henhouse and the UN is standing at the door, just in case -- and you know this is highly unlikely and would be criticized in the harshest terms -- chicken blood starts to fly.

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