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Friday, August 04, 2006

Religion Of Peace, School Division

From today's UN Briefing:
On Afghanistan, UNICEF reports today that schools in Afghanistan are becoming increasingly the targets of attacks, and noted that reported incidents have spread to all provinces and include 11 explosions, 50 school burnings, and 37 threats against schools and communities. Six children have died as a result of that violence.

While UNICEF and the Afghan Government are taking steps to protect students, the latest string of threats, intimidations and violent attacks are worrisome. UNICEF calls on all parties to cease targeting children, education works and schools.
Oooh ... the Islamofascists will hear the UNICEF plea and quake in their sandles! It takes more than UN pleas to face down these non-human bilgematter.

You can ask yourself why we bother protecting Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq from their own brothers who would kill school children in the name of their god. Better to ask yourself how badly you want to make sure you keep this violence off our shores and out of our schools.

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