Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Secret Talks, But Not-So-Secret Iran Strike Plan

The Telegraph, touting "secret talks" regarding a strike against to Iran to take out its nuke program, lays out the secret military strike plan:

Tactical Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from US navy ships and submarines in the Gulf would, it is believed, target Iran's air defence systems at the nuclear installations.

That would enable attacks by B2 stealth bombers equipped with eight 4,500lb enhanced BLU-28 satellite-guided bunker-busting bombs, flying from Diego Garcia, the isolated US Navy base in the Indian Ocean, RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire and Whiteman USAF base in Missouri.

Well, at least the talks are secret.

So what is this? Gross speculation? A true leak? A planted false leak? A cannard to give the Iranians thought?

Who knows, and who cares? All that matters is that we're taking Iran seriously and will not let them proceed with their Islamobomb.

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