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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Will Arab Media Tell Jill's Story?

Updated: See below.

So the captors who treated her "so well" were pointing three automatic rifles at Jill Carroll when she made her anti-American statements on tape.

Now that she's free, isn't wearing a headdress and has "strongly disavowed" her earlier statements, will Arab media that previously broadcast her earlier statement run the new one?

Doubtful. Even the English-language version of Al Jaz, which is a moderate version of the Arab-language network, hasn't said a peep at this time. Don't expect the infamous "Arab street" to have any knowledge of Carroll's true opinion of her captors.

Update: Al Jaz has posted the story on it's English-language site -- but they edited out the part about having three automatic rifles leveled at her when she made the statement, and they repeated the text of the now discredited statement. And that's as good as it will get in the Arab media.

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