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Saturday, April 01, 2006

70 Mil Mexicans Would Come To US

Here's a nominee for quote of the day, from John R. Hicks, op/ed-ing in the LATimes about this week's student walkouts:
What we are witnessing is not the birth of a new civil rights movement but the attempt to render meaningless the concept of border controls. Any march that can mobilize 500,000 people will get the attention of Washington's politicians, but this nation must not be deterred from securing its borders, enforcing the law and finding a way to humanely deal with the more than 11 million illegal residents already here.
Hicks cites a Pew Hispanic Center survey conducted in part in Mexico that found that an estimated 70 million adults in Mexico would come to the U.S. if they had the means and the opportunity.

That's one country, and one heck of a lot of people -- many of whom said they'd come illegally if need be. Given that the polls results would be mirrored on many other continents, it is obvious we need a barrier against a tide like this.

Those who advocate free, illegal immigration either don't care to look at the consequences, or don't care whether America is destroyed. (A view, interestingly enough, that's not dissimilar from that of advocates of forced expulsion of illegals.)

There is only one viable solution: Close down the borders, offer a guest worker program for those who care to go by the rules, cut off all benefits and ACLU-ish protections for illegals, and let the free market do what the free market does.

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