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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Play "Who Slammed McKinney!?"

It's the weekend, so let's relax and enjoy a guessing game. Three choices, one guess. Let's see how you do!

First, the question: Which prominent blog presented the following statement this morning:
Good God. If you ever needed proof of how irrelevant the big-monied liberal advocacy groups have become, we got a lovely demonstration today when the NAACP and the National Organization for Women spoke at a press conference on behalf of the nutsy-cukoo Democrat from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney.
1. Betsy's Page. Of course the sentiment is her's, and those Carolina colloquialisms like "nutsy-cukoo" are a dead give-away.

2. Hugh Hewitt. The wonkish voice of reason in the west loves a good Congressional melt-down, especially when he's touring the East Coast and is there to see it.

3. AmericaBlog. The leftyblog is a longshot in this one. Foaming at the mouth against the right is its strong suit, and it certainly doesn't torch Dems.

And the answer is:

... AmericaBlog!

Even virulent leftyblogs can see that McKinney is too big a nutcase for anyone this side of the nuthouse walls. Of course, part of John Aravosis' anger is at the established liberal/black victimization establishment. To his eyes, they have become ineffective tools of negativism, cynicism and money-grubbing, and of no use to the movement. Witness:
Pathetic liberal groups, and pathetic Democratic members of Congress. Their funders should cut them all off until they prove the worth of their continued existence.
What a swell idea!

hat-tip: memeorandum
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