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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Clueless Jill Carroll Released

Jill Carroll's captors let her go after almost three months of captivity and announced to the world that despite her efforts to immerse herself in the Muslim world to better understand the conflict, she has learned nothing. Nothing.

"I was treated well," she said shortly after her release, "but I don't know why I was kidnapped."

Here's a little tutorial for Jill, free of charge; my gift to celebrate her release:

You were kidnapped because the people who are fighting against peace and democracy in Iraq are a bunch of ruthless scum that aren't worth the air they breathe. That's the bottom line.

Layer onto that the fact that the Islamic culture you've been studying promotes Jihad and hatred against non-believers. And it doesn't think much of women, either.

You were also kidnapped because you chose a ridiculously dangerous thing to do. You're a woman, you're an American, you're a reporter, you're in Iraq. Put it together and the question you should be asking yourself, Jill, isn't "Why was I kidnapped?" but "What was I thinking?"

Still, good to have you free.

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