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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lodi Loser Guilty!

Hamid Hayat, the produce-picker and jihadist wannabe from Lodi, was convicted today in what may be the most important post-9/11 terror case.

Really? Some punk goes to Pakistan, comes back, doesn't do anything, and goes to jail?

Yes, precisely because Hayat didn't do anything with his terrorist training. It's pre-emptive prosecution, and it's as important to fighting terror as global pre-emptive military strikes. We need new law like this for the new post-9/11 era, and we've got it.

Hayat's attorney, Wazhma Mojaddidi (note to Hayat: Maybe next time hire a nice, white kid, not a firey Arab) said mysteriously after the trial, "There were outside influences that affected their decision (but) I am not prepared to elaborate at this time." Halliburton? Scooter Libby? People pissed off about 9/11 and our troops dying in Iraq? Hard to say.

But Mojaddidi (rhymes with rabid kitty) did say she will appeal.

And it's a federal case.

And it's in the Ninth Circuit.

So the fat lady (that would be Reinhardt) hasn't sung quite yet.

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