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Monday, April 24, 2006

Democracy In Nepal

Nepal wasn't a target of Bush's democratization strategy, but the quick fall of tyrant wannabe King Gyanendra feels great nonetheless:
Jubilant Nepalis have taken to the streets in celebration after embattled King Gyanendra agreed to their demands to reinstate parliament. "

This is the people's victory! Long live democracy!" hundreds chanted in parts of the capital Kathmandu.

Opposition leaders say a huge anti-monarchy protest planned for Tuesday will now be a victory rally.
Next up: Will the Maoist insurgency that has killed 13,000 Nepalese in recent years continue? Or will the newly reinstated Democracy be able to fight it? Given the unstability that's wracked Nepal since the early 1990's, look for the Maoists to be back in action.

They're a brutal, evil bunch...
The insurrection has been waged through torture, killings, bombings, extortion, and intimidation against civilians and public officials. Police, armed personnel, insurgents and non-combatants continue to be killed in the increasingly violent "People's War." Rebel tactics include attacks on Nepalese Government facilities and commercial transport vehicles, indiscriminate bombings using improvised explosive devices, assassination attempts against Nepalese officials, and calls for localized or nationwide strikes). (source)
... so let's hope I'm wrong.

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