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Sunday, April 23, 2006

La Figaro: France's System Sucks

I put the picture of the French students on the left because really, where else would you put it?

They are the inevitable personification of what the American Left would like to do to America: Entitlement all the way, cradle to grave government comforting.

It sounds so nice until you apply it to the spoiled brats of France -- be they the Muslim crybabies of a few months back, or the Franco-sissies of this spring's pity parties.

All Lefties (and you, too, if you want some fun) should read La Figaro's little sociology lesson entitled Why Young Americans Go to Work, and Young French Go on Strike. The link is to a translated version on Watching America which presents a if- I- read- thes- slowly- enough- maybe- you'll- get- it tone that I hope is present in the original French.

It is a wonder to see the French look in awe and envy at our systems, to see simply and clearly the error of their ways and the rightness of ours:
If American students aren't afraid of unemployment, it is also because American employers aren't afraid of hiring. In America, the notion of a "work contract" only applies to a declining minority of union workers, sports personalities or entertainment stars. The norm is to be hired without a contract. Hiring is therefore fast and remarkably informal.
Here's the wrap-up, capturing the feeling American college grads experience when they're ready to walk into a big, wonderful, uncoddled life:
The "commencement ceremony" is also an important celebration. The expression "commencement ceremony" is emblematic. Far from mourning the end of a sheltered life punctuated by long vacations, the American diploma is when life "commences" (starts) for good. It is not at all tainted with fear of lack of job security. On the contrary, it is filled with optimism and motivation, like American culture itself, which is turned toward the future rather than preserving the past. The judgment of 90% of American companies naturally confirms this state of mind: the labor market is "good, very good or excellent."
"Turned toward the future rather than preserving the past" ... aren't you glad we're on this side of the pond?

hat-tip: Watching America
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