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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Israel's Anti-Semitic Cartoons

We'll start with the self-depreciating humor, a wonderful Jewish trait that is celebrated in many of the 100 cartoons in the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoon Contest. The contest grew out the Mohammed cartoon riots -- but what a wierd way to respond!

On one level, the cartoons are not that different than Americans drawing anti-American cartoons -- something we see nearly every day on our editorial pages, and in leftists publications, Web sites and blogs. But this is different. For example, the winner donated the $600 prize to organizations like Rabbis for Human Rights, an Israeli charity that supports rights for Palestinians.

That's not normal, but then, neither is the winner's cartoon:

And that's relatively mild to some of the really nasty stuff -- blood of Christian babies in the matzoh, the Jew-as-devil, holocaust denial. They go way beyond self-depreciation; they go to self-loathing and beyond: to loathing their nation, their own people, the faith of their forebearers.

Of course, they just call themselves Leftist Israelies. Like our Leftist Americans.

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