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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Well Done, Marcus Glimpse

They held a funeral for Marc Glimpse yesterday. I didn't know him -- OC is far too large for many of us to actually know him -- but I wish I had known this young marine who died a week ago in Iraq, because he was this sort of guy:

... the service moved outside the sanctuary of the Newport Mesa Christian Center.

There, as a Marine rifle detail provided the traditional 21-gun salute and taps was played, a Marine funeral detail folded the American flag from Glimpse's casket and presented it along with a Purple Heart to his family, most of whom sobbed as the finality of the moment sunk in.

It was the most formal part of the service, and something his little sister suggested Marc Glimpse would probably have been too modest to enjoy.

"I know he's looking down on us right now, saying, 'Why are you doing all this, because I don't deserve it,'" [his 15-year-old sister] Mandy Glimpse said earlier during the service.

"But he did."

Read the entire tribute at the OCRegister. He deserves a moment of your time.