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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Forever A Dem, But Objective?

After Joe Klein was on Hugh's show schlepping his new book Politics Lost, How American Democracy was Trivialized by People Who think You're Stupid, Hugh and I chatted on-air about the legitimacy of Klein

I thought he was posing as a free-thinker in order to sell books. I'm suspicious whenever an MSM journalist appears to be open-minded and critical of Liberal icons.

Hugh confirmed it: "Look, he's never voted for a Republican."

Let's put this insight into perspective. Here's what Klein says about Dukakis:
All of [Lee Atwater's work repositioning Bush the Elder as a populist candidate] might have provien disastrously risible if Bush hadn't lucked into an opponent (Michael Dukakis) who seemed even more effete than he did, a man who embodied all the wrong turns the Democratic Party had taken since the 1960s.
Granted, Bush doesn't come off much better in Klein's book -- "He seemed likable and energetic, but terminally preppy in a way that came off as puerile and condescending on the stump." Still, he "was solid and intelligent in private, a war hero .... He was the sort of man who might have reached the presidency through a backroom deal in the old days, but was fundamentally unsuited to campaign in the age of television."

Given the choice between everything wrong with the Democratic Party and solid, intelligent, but terminally preppy, Klein voted to go with everything wrong.

And he's one of the most presentable liberal journalists there is. But let's never, ever challenge MSM objectivity.

That said, the book is a great read, full of not just inside baseball, but he chin music of inside baseball, high and inside.

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