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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Judge Gladys & The Affadavit

Mahammed Bawazir is a waif in wolve's clothing.

A former waif, actually -- he's gained 40 pounds since mid-January, losing his waifish stature, but not his wolfish behavior.

Stupid as it sounds, U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler might just be stupid enough to buy Bawazir's argument.

When given U.S. affadavits stating that al-Waif has gained 40 pounds and has been receiving humane, high-quality medical care throughout his hunger strike, she responded:
"Why should I believe them?"
Who should you believe in this trial, Judge Gladys? Are al-Waif's allegations that force-feeding constitutes torture somehow more believable than U.S. government affadavits?
I, Mohammed (peace to him) Bawazir, do hereby swear that large Marine guards did put ants in my pants, call me names that hurt me, and said really bad things about my teddy bear, Mr. Jihad. Further, I do hereby swear that the chicken they gave me to eat, which I didn't eat because I was on a hunger strike, once lived on a farm owned by a Jew that was next to a pig farm, which is torture as well.

"Oh, I believe you to the cockles of my judgmental heart, Mohammed, dear. You poor, poor thing!"
This case shows everything that is wrong with treating this war as a legal, not a military, action. Mohammed forefeited his rights when he got himself arrested on a field of battle, and he's entitled to no legal representation until the war's over.

In return, we promise to do what we can to keep him alive, including not torturing him, and not letting him starve himself to death. Would that it were so.

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