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Thursday, March 02, 2006

School Choice Is Working

There's a smart new phenomenon in America's inner cities: Black flight.

In ever-increasing numbers, black families are taking advantage of charter schools and district-hoping to get their kids into schools that work. Says Minneapolis black leader Louis King in a terrific WSJ op/ed by Katherine Kerstine of the STrib:
"Today, I can't recommend in good conscience that an African-American family send their children to the Minneapolis public schools. The facts are irrefutable: These schools are not preparing our children to compete in the world. The best way to get attention [of school boards] is not to protest, but to shop somewhere else."
In the face of such failure in the public schools -- only 28% of black eighth-graders in Minneapolis public schools passed the state's basic skills math test, 47% passed the reading test, and black graduation hovers around 50% -- why do we allow teacher's unions to have such power?

They are a union of failures. They are a union that fights to shirk responsibility. They are a union that wants to keep harming black and Hispanic kids.

If there's a good lawyer and a smart judge anywhere in this country, the teachers unions should be forced to disband, because they are nothing more than a racketeering organization.

hat-tip Real Clear Politics
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