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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wierd Condi Dealings At NYTimes

The New York Times' White House correspondent, Elisabeth Bumiller, will be resigning her position (to be re-hired later) so she can pen a bio on Condi Rice, NY Observer reports.

Stinky in this deal is that Bumiller's husband is Steven Weisman, who covers State for the NYT. Under NYT policy, Weisman has to accept reassignment "to avoid the perception of a conflict of interest."

Sorry, the perception is still there. Bumiller gets access to everything Hubby has come to learn at NYT expense and with NYT credentials -- reported or not -- for her book, and Hubby can keep his nose relatively clean in the process.

Of all the subjects Bumiller could write about, why Condi? Her expertise is the White House, not state; politics, not diplomacy. Yes, it might have been deep personal interest; more likely it was that she had a really good source at her disposal. The deal does nothing for the increasingly elusive concept of journalistic integrity.

h/t Media Bistro
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