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Monday, February 27, 2006

RU For An Abortion Solution?

The morning after pill, RU-486. I always hated that name because I thought it might have been deliberately selected as a big joke. "86'ing" means dumping overboard. Are you for 86'ing your baby? Then take this pill.


Anyway, the debate that is taking place in state legislatures across the country serves as a model for a solution to the abortion issue. Here's WaPo on the story:

Filling a void left by the Food and Drug Administration's inability to decide whether to make the "morning-after" pill available without a prescription, nearly every state is or soon will be wrestling with legislation that would expand or restrict access to the drug.

More than 60 bills have been filed in state legislatures already this year, and that follows an already busy 2005 session on emergency contraception. The resulting tug of war is creating an availability map for the pill that looks increasingly similar to the map of "red states" and "blue states" in the past two presidential elections -- with increased access in the blue states and greater restrictions in the red ones.

Just take out "morning after pill" and substitue "abortion," and we'd have an abortion situation that could be dealt with. The courts have pushed abortion to a federal issue by deciding state law cases that set national precedents. Unfortunately, that's probably the next step with these RU-486 laws -- litigation and precedents.

How much better if the federal judiciary just left this to the states!

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