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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Two Good Letters

Yesterday, in San Francisco, I found two exceptional letters in the Examiner:
Republicans deserve tolerance, too

It is almost laughable to read the objections to having the Republican national convention in San Francisco. Have any of these people studied history and what a fascist society is all about? I doubt it.

I am not a Republican, but am saddened by the fact that it really is not safe for the Republicans to have a convention in San Francisco because it might lead to massive demonstrations.

It does not sound like the kind of reaction one would expect from the supposedly most liberal, tolerant city in America. Sounds more like the type of reaction I could expect in Iraq were a delegation of Sunnis to visit a Shiite-controlled town.

Maybe our local politically correct supervisors and their constituents need to take a look in the mirror and rethink their stand.

John Wickham, The City

Federal Port Deal

In the good old days, the liberals would pitch hissy fits if airport security tried to single out 20-year-old Middle Eastern men. Now the liberals are demanding we racially profile an entiure Arab nation! Whether or not the Dubai deal is right for America, one thing remains clear: In any storm, the hypocrisy of the left will always be a sure port.

Scott Abramson, San Mateo
Smart comments from brave commentors in Baghdad by the Sea.