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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Transgender Potty Rights

"A freak, a weirdo and the ugliest woman in the world" -- that's what Helena Stone, in pink above, says a NY transit official called her/him/it when threatened to arrest her/him/it for using a women's restroom at Grand Central in NY. She is weird, she is a freak, but there's no reason to get personal about her appearance.

Stone has been "in transition" from a male to a female for 10 years. That's pretty mind-boggling, isn't it? How far along is the process? Why is it taking so long? What's he/she/it got that women might not want to have "hanging out" in their bathroom?

The politically correct AP article doesn't say. It just says charges filed against Stone have been dropped and transportation officials "will take whatever steps are necessary to avoid a similar situation in the future."

Does that mean in-process transgenders will be able to use the restrooms of the sex that they're at least partially the opposite of?

And does the process of transiting genders begin at conception (of the idea), or after some surgery? If it starts with the idea, how do we keep peeping Toms from saying they're future opposite sexes, even though they've had no surgery?

And if surgery is the key, does breast enhancement/reduction count, or does something have to happen "down there" before they're allowed to visit the bathroom of their future sex?

Back in the 70s a good friend of mine announced he was going to switch sexes. He stayed my friend until he left to wherever it was that the deed was done. Before he left, he was taking hormones and his appearance began to change -- but he was still a he.

I wouldn't have wanted him to walk in on my wife or daughter in a public restroom. Some things are just too weird and unreconcilable to be handled as if it's all just peachy and "let's just be more open." My heart goes out to them, but I don't want them in my wife's bathroom, or mine. And I don't want my tax dollars spent to build them their own bathrooms.

Give them a cup, and let's hope it does not runneth over.

hat-tip Brietbart
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