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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hate Crimes?! We Don't See No Stinkin' Hate Crimes!

Ten gay books stores are burned to the ground in San Francisco. Ten mosques are torched in Detroit suburbs.

"Ten arson attacks against 10 churches -- all of them Baptist, all in small Alabama towns, all in the space of eight days," writes Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe. "If anything is a hate crime, obviously this is." He continues:
''We're looking to make sure this is not a hate crime and that we do everything that we need to do," FBI Special Agent Charles Regan told reporters in Birmingham. ...

''I don't see any evidence that these fires are hate crimes," Mark Potok, a director of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center, told the Los Angeles Times. ''Anti-Christian crimes are exceedingly rare in the South."

The FBI and the SPLC on the same side -- so obviously the wrong side? Sure the FBI is circumspect, but what would be wrong with saying, "We are investigating the potential that this is a hate crime?"

And Potok is obviously a left-deranged mind-maggot. Since when did rarity preclude hate? Does he think attacks on blacks are hate crimes because the majority of whites feel like attacking blacks? What idiocy!

Would either of them care to hazard another guess? Racism? Sure, that'll work.
''Federal investigators are looking for two white men for questioning in connection with a string of church fires in central Alabama," began a National Public Radio story on Friday. ''Race may be a factor."
Trouble is, five of the churches had predominantly white congregations. What race might NPR be talking about? The race to flee from anything the least bit sympathetic of Christianity?

Concludes Jacoby:
But real progress will come only when we abandon the whole misguided notion of ''hate crimes," which deems certain crimes more deserving of outrage and punishment not because of what the criminal did, but because of the group to which the victim belonged. The burning of a church is a hateful act regardless of the congregants' skin color. That some people bend over backward not to say so is a disgrace.
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