Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feeding The Media's Bloodlust

The Veep wings a guy on a ranch so remote it takes three-quarters of forever to get there and seven-eights of forever to get to the nearest hospital. The guy's going to be fine; it's not like Chappaquiddick or something.

You'd think Iran was pursuing a nuke, the way the media's responding.

Memeorandum, as good a pulse-taker as any of what's going on in the media, shows just how obsessed the media are with news, no matter how minute, that reflects badly on Bush.

It's the lead story this morning (NYT), the second lead (White House press briefing),
the third lead (Knight-Ridder), the fourth lead (Crooks & Liars), the fifth lead (Austin American-Spokesman), the sixth lead (WaPo), on up to 19 separate headlined stories.

And 92 linked posts or stories to those 19.

Journalists have always traveled in packs, and they've always gotten vicious at the taste of blood. It is their shame, but they are so addicted to the adreneline of the hunt, they do it again and again.

But this administration, and perhaps Cheney even more than Bush, fuels their bloodlust to levels of unimaginable, flesh-ripping, frenzy. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, and they might be, when they finally settle down and start washing the bloodstains, saliva and flecks of flesh off their faces.

But it won't stop them. The pack hunts. The pack is wild. The pack lacks objectivity.

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